New Yorker Critical After Losing Leg to Shark in the Bahamas

A Wall Street banker celebrating his 10th wedding anniversary with his wife in the Bahamas was in critical condition after losing his leg in a shark attack, a hospital official said today.

Krishna Thompson, 36, of Long Island, was flown after the attack on Saturday to a hospital in Miami where surgeons amputated his mangled leg above the knee.

"He is in trauma recovery now," Lorraine Nelson, a spokeswoman for Miami's Jackson Memorial Ryder Trauma Center. "We don't get shark bite victims often, but whenever it happens we get them."

Thompson and his wife Ave Maria Thompson, 34, had arrived at the Our Lucaya Beach Resort in Freeport on the island of Grand Bahama on Friday. That night they went out for dinner and dancing and he presented her with a gift of diamond earrings.

On Saturday morning, he went for a swim in the sea while she slept.

Heroic Tussle

"He was just swimming off the beach when something, a shark, grabbed his leg and started pulling him down," Mrs. Thompson told The Miami Herald. "He kept punching and punching. He has cuts on his hand because of that."

He freed himself and swam to shore with blood pouring from his leg. Before collapsing he scrawled his hotel room number in the sand so that horrified onlookers could contact his wife.

The incident follows an attack last month in Pensacola, Fla., where a bull shark ripped the arm off 8-year-old Jessie Arbogast.

Surgeons later reattached the arm, which was retrieved from the shark's maw after the boy's uncle dragged the beast ashore. The boy remains in hospital.

The species of shark that attacked Thompson was unknown, but doctors said judging by the teeth marks, it was a big one.

Because of the blood loss and other complications, doctors said there was a possibility of brain damage, the Herald reported.