Fan Converts Home Into 'Star Trek' Spaceship

ByABC News
June 22, 2001, 1:18 PM

L O N D O N, June 22 -- A British Star Trek fan hasturned his home into a replica of television's most famousspaceship.

Tony Alleyne spent $11,300 to convert hisone-bedroom apartment into the starship Enterprise. Theapartment now includes a command console and windows reshaped tolook like portholes.

The centerpiece of his spaceship home is a three-dimensionalceiling with an "infinity" mirror at the center.

"It can make you feel a bit dizzy because it looks as ifyou're peering out into space," he told Reuters today,posing in a spacesuit.

Getting It Right

Alleyne, of Hinckley in central England, said he usedmagazines and information from NASA to get the design right.

"What really fascinates me about Star Trek is the artisticand technology side of it," the ex-disc jockey explained.

Alleyne, 48, who said his wife left him for anotherEarthling, lives alone in the apartment.

"My mother would say it's not very cozy but I do makepeople a cup of tea when they come and visit," he said.

Star Trek was first launched in 1966 as a televisionseries with William Shatner as Captain Kirk and Leonard Nimoy aspointy-eared Spock.

The series and Star Trek films sparked a cult followingaround the world, with fans converging for regular conventionsand memorabilia commanding high prices at auctions.