Clinton Tastes Forbidden Fruit: A Cuban Cigar

ByABC News

LONDON, April 4, 2001 -- -- Former U.S. President Bill Clinton succumbed to temptation at London's Heathrow Airport — for a rare puff of a Cuban cigar.

Clinton, who kept up the tough U.S. trade embargo againstCuba during his eight years in office, bought a six-inch long Cuban cigar during a stopover on Tuesday while flying from America to India, the Times reported on Wednesday.

"I was surprised and pleased to see him, and told him manyof my American customers wished they could get Cuban cigars at home," shop assistant Jagjit Gill was quoted as saying.

"I asked him if he could do something about it, but Mr.Clinton said he had once looked into the matter, but events had prevented any action being taken."

Flanked by half a dozen security agents, Clinton bought thecigar for eight pounds ($11.40).

Staff at another shop said he bought two silk ties for 58.73 pounds ($83.70) each.

"He bought one for himself and another as a gift for afriend. His one was lime-green with frogs on it," anunidentified shop worker was quoted as saying.

"He liked it so much that right there and then he took hisold tie off and put on the new one."

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