Russians Seek Healing in Pyramids

ByMike Lee

M O S C O W, Nov. 1, 2000 -- When the Egyptians built the pyramids 5,000 years ago, many believed they had magical powers.

One pyramid built last year in Moscow was promoted as having magical powers as well.

After many years without spiritual or religious freedom under communist rule today many Russians soak up all kinds of mystical experiences.

And Alexander Golod says he is only too happy to provide them. He’s built 17 fiberglass pyramids throughout Russia. This one is the tallest at 132 feet.

Healing Powers

“Anyone in the vicinity of this pyramid,” he says, “will not become ill with cancer, AIDS, Alzheimers disease, or other sicknesses.”

As a matter of fact, he says, this pyramid alone is powerful enough to cover the entire northern hemisphere, including America. Don’t you just feel better already?

Pyramid Trinkets for Sale

Russians come to their pyramid by the busload. There is no admission fee. But you’re welcome to spend a few rubbles on objects that have been placed inside the pyramid, which supposedly possess strong healing powers.

“I’ve been standing here for an hour, and I feel much better. I feel like I have wings to fly,” said one person.

One woman often brings her handicapped son.

“I can see a definite improvement,” said Vera. “One cannot live without hope. Otherwise I would not be coming here.”

People hold wedding banquets at the pyramid.

“We are expecting a baby, and would like to get some good vibrations,” said another woman.

A Pyramid Theme Park?

Others have come away less convinced.

“My potato crop is worse than ever,” another woman said. “And look — I’m coughing all the time. It’s all garbage.”

Golod shrugs off the criticism. He just makes more promises.

“If you put some cheap wine in here, it becomes superior to the finest vintage,” he said.

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