Chinese Police Open Brothel to Make Cash

ByABC News
September 18, 2000, 1:23 PM

S H A N G H A I, China, Sept. 18 -- Police in Chinas eastern province of Jiangsu found a novel way to fill their pockets with cash: They opened a brothel, arrested the customers and fined them.

With seed money of 6,000 yuan ($725), Lishui County policesubstation deputy chief Gao Mingliang set up operations in abrothel disguised as a restaurant in May last year, Shanghais Xinmin Evening News stated today.

Prostitutes would entice their customers into the backrooms. After a while, the police would raid the rooms, arrestthe customers, haul them down to the police substation and fine them.

Depending on how much money the police station pulled in,they would issue a performance bonus to the girls, the paper reported.

The Lishui County police plan unraveled when aneighboring police substation arrested the man listed asowning the restaurant and sentenced him to a year in a laborcamp for running a brothel.

Upset after a year of hard labor, the man sent a petitionto high level officials who uncovered Gaos scam, the papernoted.

Gao later confessed, and in September a Nanjing DistrictCourt sentenced him to one year in prison for abusing hisauthority.