Portraits of the Tragedy Victims

ByABC News
July 27, 2000, 6:02 AM

July 27 -- They came from all walks of life, with a common purpose: the vacation of a lifetime, a trip on the worlds fastest and most luxurious passenger aircraft followed by a cruise on a posh ocean liner.

Some were well-to-do, some had saved for years.

Today, flags around Germany continue to fly at half-staff for those who lost their lives in Tuesdays deadly Concorde tragedy. Memorial services are scheduled, including one organized by the Peter Deilmann cruise line which chartered the doomed plane.

The tragedy wiped out a building dynasty, killed a well-known soccer coach, and claimed two teachers finally taking the honeymoon they never had leaving behind forever three young children.

The oldest victim was 91, the youngest 7 and 8. A rags-to-riches couple from East Berlin survived the horrors of Communism and the fall of the Berlin Wall only to lose their lives in the fiery wreck.

Also killed was a retired postmistress who had saved for years for the treat of a lifetime.

Death came to them all mercifully fast: 80 seconds after takeoff.

Generations Lost

Andreas Schranner, 64, a retired multimillionaire from Munich, wanted to celebrate his 65th birthday on the luxury cruise. His wife Maria, 62, daughter Andrea Eich, 38, son-in-law and BMW manager Christian Eich, and his grandchildren Maximillian, 10 and Katharina, 8, were all with him for what was to be a celebration.

Father and son-in-law shared a love of classic cars. Christian Eich ran BMWs museum. The grandchildren left school a few days early for the trip.

On Wednesday, the last official day of school, teachers carefully broke the news to the other children: some of their classmates would not be coming back.

The whole school is in tears, said one mother. A memorial service will be held today there, too.

Famous Soccer Coach

Most people in Germany know the name Rudi Fassnacht, 65. Fassnacht, a former trainer for the Fortuna-Koeln soccer club in Cologne, was aboard the flight along with his wife, Sigrid, 43.