Lake Explorers Take Secrets Home With Them

ByABC News
July 10, 2000, 9:06 PM

V I E N N A, Austria, July 11 -- The latest attempt to pry loose the deep, dark secrets of Lake Toplitz and its legend of Nazi gold has ended as mysteriously as it began.

For the past five weeks, a high-tech team from Oceaneering Technologies has combed the 300-foot-deep, mile-long lake bed from end to end searching for Nazi treasures and has recovered significant man-made objects, searchers said.

CBS, which has funded much of the project and has exclusive rights, has guarded its secrets jealously in anticipation of an October documentary.

Does the team have more than wads of old forged currency or a promising-looking box that turned out to contain nothing but old beer-bottle caps and a note saying Sorry, not this time?