Street Artist Banksy Sneaks in to Paint Mural at School Named After Him

Banksy is known for his controversial drawings, often done in secret.

ByABC News
June 7, 2016, 1:56 PM

— -- A child steers a burning, rolling tire with a piece of a stick.

That's the “thank you” gift one famous street artist, known for his controversial paintings, left on the wall of a British middle school after it renamed a school building after him.

Teachers and students of Bridge Farm Primary School in Bristol, England, returned from a half-term break and were shocked by the sight of the 14-foot, fiery painting, signed: Banksy.

The artist is also known for his elusiveness, working overnight when no one is looking and never seeking permission. But Banksy won't be called to the principal's office anytime soon.

"We just like the fact that we have a Banksy [painting] in the school,” principal Geoff Mason told the BBC. "I think you have to interpret art how you interpret art, so the symbolism in it, I guess, is for other people to work out."

Banksy was the winning choice after students were asked to name a school building after a local hero.

Along with the mural was a note thanking the school for the honor, and a final word of advice: "It's always easier to get forgiveness than permission. Much love, Banksy."