See the Tense Moments When 2 Men Arrested by French Police During Morning Raids

Police are seen confronting two different men in Saint Denis.

— -- Striking new video shows the moment when two people were arrested this morning in Paris.

The footage shows police closing in on two men in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis.

The videos, obtained by the Daily Mail, a British newspaper, appear to have been shot by Snapchat users who happened to see the arrests taking place from apartment windows.

In the first, police can be heard initially speaking in French but then shouting at the unidentified individuals in English.

"On your knees!" the police officer shouts, before changing the command and saying, "Show me your back!"

That first video has several crying-laughing emojis written across the screen.

The second shows two officers restraining another person on the ground, apparently during the middle of an arrest.

The fates of the two people in the videos have not been released, but the French Interior minister reported today that there have been a total of 414 searches, 118 of which took place overnight and early this morning.

Of the 118, there were 29 interrogations and 25 people taken into custody.