Thieves jump from moving car to speeding tractor trailer in movie-style heist caught on video

They broke into the truck by jumping from the hood of their car at high speed.

— -- The Swedish postal service caught a group of thieves in the act as they stole valuables from a speeding delivery truck, according to surveillance video.

The video, released by PostNord on Wednesday, shows the group of men jumping into the back of the tractor trailer from the hood of a moving car and ransacking the cargo truck -- which was traveling at about 50 miles per hour at the time.

PostNord said it was surveilling the truck in co-operation with police after a string of cargo robberies in that particular area in Sweden.

Alexis Larsson, head of security and complaints at PostNord, said he was watching the heist live with his security team, hoping to catch the thieves in the act.

"Suddenly I saw on the film how the back doors of the truck were opened and two men jumped in, from the hood of a car traveling right behind the truck at high speed and with no lights on," Larsson said in a statement Wednesday.

"They looked through the cargo without finding what they were looking for, and were then about to leave the vehicle. That was when I told the driver to brake."

The men were met by a "large police unit" when they attempted to flee, according to PostNord.

"It is extremely unusual to catch a gang involved in this form of advanced crime –- breaking open locks and getting into a truck at high speed," Larsson said.

The men who were arrested will soon be prosecuted.