Top Anti-ISIS Envoy Confident US Could Defend Against Possible Refugee Infiltration

Counter-ISIS leader confident U.S. can prevent possible refugee Infiltration.

Syrian refugees are pouring into Europe at alarming rates. Germany had committed to take in 500,000 of them. Many of them are fleeing ISIS, but most are trying to escape military attacks from Syria's brutal dictator, Bashar Assad.

Although Gen. Allen attributes much of the violence to Assad, he maintains that Syria's problems can't be solved militarily and that Assad must be removed within the political process.

Allen also pointed to recent success in Syria. "There has been enormous progress in pushing Daesh off the border of Syria and Turkey ultimately to close that border,” he said, “to prevent the flow of foreign fighters."

More of the interview with Gen. John Allen will appear this Sunday on ABC News' "This Week with George Stephanopoulos."