#TrashBucketChallenge Lands Ukraine Politicians in Dumpsters

Frustrated Ukrainians trash lawmakers -- literally.

— -- Ukrainians frustrated with the government are trashing local politicians -- literally.

Last month, a group of protesters tossed lawmaker Vitaly Zhuravsky into a dumpster, holding him down and tossing a car tire and water onto him before he escaped. Zhuravsky was a supporter of ousted, pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovich.

Now, even more politicians are landing in the trash, and people have turned the attacks into a social movement with the hashtag #TrashBucketChallenge.

Watch Mob Throw Ukrainian Lawmaker in Dumpster

Several videos have been posted on Twitter and YouTube in recent weeks purporting to show Ukrainian politicians getting thrown in a dumpster.

But protesters, be warned: It looks like you're competing with another #TrashBucketChallenge, in which participants clean up litter and garbage.