U.S. Marine Killed, Others Wounded in ISIS Attack in Iraq

A U.S. Marine was killed in and ISIS attack in northern Iraq today.

— -- One U.S. Marine was killed and several others were wounded today by indirect fire from enemy forces near Makhmur in northern Iraq, U.S. officials tell ABC News.

A statement issued by Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook attributed the attack to "ISIL rocket fire." The Defense Department will not identify the individual until next of kin has been fully notified.

"Several other Marines were wounded and they are being treated for their varying injuries," Cook said.

This loss represents only the second time an American has been killed in combat with ISIS in Iraq since the U.S. reentered the country in late 2014.

In October of last year Master Sergeant Joshua L. Wheeler was killed by enemy small-arms fire during a raid that freed 70 hostages from ISIS captivity in northern Iraq.