US, North Korea Olympic delegations make last-minute additions, raising eyebrows

The last-minute additions have many wondering if secret talks will happen.

— -- Both the Americans and North Koreans have said that they do not intend to meet with each other while in PyeongChang for the Olympics' closing ceremony.

Despite what officials from both countries say, a couple of hints have emerged that possibly point towards secret talks.

Each nation's delegation have added a last-minute name -- and these both of the individuals have been key in U.S.-North Korea relations.

On the surface, however, the two sides are talking tough.

Upon her arrival in South Korea, Ivanka Trump said that she's in the country to cheer for Team USA -- not to meet with the North Koreans.

And on Sunday morning, North Korea’s Asia-Pacific Peace Committee blasted the Trump administration, saying "there would be no face-to-face talks for 100 years or 200 years" and "we will never beg for dialogue."

Aside from attending the closing ceremony in PyeongChang on Sunday, the schedule for the North Korean delegation is unknown -- and that's raising a lot of questions. When Kim Yo-jong was at the opening ceremony, the South's Unification Ministry had been mostly open about her daily schedule. Not this time.