Video Appearing to Show Jordanian Pilot's Burning Death 'Absolutely' Backfired Against ISIS

Retired general leading coalition against ISIS spoke exclusively to ABC News.

“King Abdullah has indicated the desire to do more in the aftermath of this horrific killing,” Allen said. “He’s been a leader in this process.”

But until the past week, Allen faced difficulties in forming a true coalition. The U.S. has been responsible for more than 80 percent of all the air strikes against ISIS.

While ISIS has now been run out of Kobani, Syria, by Kurdish forces, much of the country remains a battle ground.

“It’s a very important concern. We don’t have a partner in Syria as we do in Iraq,” said Allen.

“We work very hard at several levels to prepare the Iraqi security forces to do this. We have advise and assist elements that are with them today,” Allen said. “There are elements of the Iraqi security forces that are in fact in action today.”

Allen also believes that ISIS’s own actions – like the video of al-Kasabeh's purported death – will help defeat them, saying the terror group “is beginning to eat itself with increasing numbers of reports of ISIL executing foreign fighters who have come from long distances to be part of this.”

But the shadow of ISIS has far reach. When asked if the terror group remains a threat to the homeland, Allen said, “I think we should take it very seriously.”