Horse Walks Right Into England Police Station

Unexpected guest ventured from a nearby field.

October 9, 2014, 1:54 PM

— -- So a horse walks into a police station.

No, it's not a joke. A group of officers in Britain got an unexpected visitor when a horse trotted right into the station from a nearby field.

Cheshire Police, in North West England, said the "local resident" showed up Monday in the reception area of the police headquarters in Winsford.

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The horse was later escorted home -- but the entire thing was caught on camera.

Superintendent Peter Crowcroft had a cheeky response to the horse's visit.

"We were somewhat saddled with our unexpected guest, who in the early hours of the morning quickly became the mane event of the night shift," Crowcroft said in a statement. "We like to ensure a warm welcome to all our guests at HQ, and at neigh point did the horse pose a risk to security and appeared to be a well cared for animal."

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