Watch Kim Jong Un Pilot a Plane

PHOTO: In this July 27, 2013 file photo, North Koreas leader Kim Jong Un waves to spectators and participants of a mass military parade celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Korean War armistice in Pyongyang, North Korea. PlayAP
WATCH North Korea's Kim Jong-un Pilots Own Plane

Is there anything that the totalitarian leader of North Korea can't do?

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The latest video released by North Korean state media shows Kim Jong Un as he appears to pilot a plane, cut with scenic video of some of the hermit nation's most picturesque mountainscapes.

Very little information was released in conjunction with the video, giving no explanation as to how the 33-year-old leader apparently learned to fly what appears to be an airplane.

A few notable portions of this video hint that it could be staged, including the fact that the exterior of the plane is never shown.

The entire video is shot with a camera that alternates between above Kim Jong Un's shoulder, as if someone is standing behind him looking at the controls, or sitting next to him, where a co-pilot is seen in other portions of the video.

According to the North Korean media, the plane is a Antonov AN-148, a regional aircraft built by a Ukrainian company. The clip is paired with patriotic, marching band-style music.

In addition to the person holding the camera, there are at least two other uniformed pilots seen behind and next to the Supreme Leader, who appears in his trademark all-black ensemble.

This video is one of the latest to be released showing Kim Jong Un active and moving since he went out of public view for 40 days. There was no official reason given for his absence but it was reported to be due to an undisclosed illness.