Weather hampers desperate search for German billionaire CEO Karl-Erivan Haub missing in the Alps since Saturday

Karl-Erivan Haub went missing Saturday during a ski trip.

Brutal weather has reportedly complicated the search for a German billionaire CEO who has been missing in the Swiss Alps since this weekend.

Haub, 58, was traveling alone and was last seen on a cable car heading up to the Klein Matterhorn, Europe’s highest mountain station, according to German news agency DPA.

There has been no news on his whereabouts, a Tengelmann spokeswoman said today.

Haub was an experienced skier and mountaineer, according to The Associated Press.

Tengelmann's main businesses are the hardware store Obi and clothing retailer KiK. It also has large stakes in the Netto supermarket chain and online retailer Zalando. It once owned a major stake in the now-defunct U.S. supermarket chain A&P.

'A miracle can happen...'

The search for Haub has been “very difficult” because of the challenging weather conditions, Italian mountain rescue spokesman Walter Milan told DPA today.

There are also many crevices in the area where Haub could have been skiing.

The rescue team has been unable to use a helicopter because of the weather, Milan added, but the search will not be called off.

“A miracle can happen, although the weather doesn’t help,” he told DPA.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.