What Not to Do When a Wild Elephant Approaches Your Meal

Note to self: When an elephant walks toward your brunch, don't move.

ByABC News
September 8, 2015, 5:17 PM

— -- A tourist uploaded a video of what could happen if an elephant interrupts your brunch.

Instagram user Shane Wolf, who describes himself as a California native, posted this week that he and his family had just returned home from a safari in Zimbabwe.

The photo location states that the video was taken at Ruckomechi Camp in Mana Pools National Park in northern Zimbabwe.

"My family had a close encounter with an elephant while having brunch in Mana Pools," Wolf wrote. "We were told to stay as still as possible and did so, the young bull got a little surprised when it saw us, as they have bad eyesight. Luckily nobody was hurt and the staff did an amazing job scaring the elephant away."

A video shows the elephant appearing to walk slowly toward a tourist group seated at an outdoor table. The elephant eventually swings its trunk and knocks over two people seated at the table.

"To clarify, nobody was feeding the elephant and nobody threw anything," the description on YouTube states. "A pod fell from the tree behind where we were sitting, this is what the elephant was eating the entire time."

The two people knocked over seem to be uninjured and get back on their feet.

"I love these amazing animals and still do, the land is theirs and we must respect this," Wolf wrote, adding "amazingly my @NikonUSA camera survived."