Winston Churchill's other darkest hours, complicated past may change his legacy

The British war-time hero's legacy is as complicated as his past

The role he played at a pivotal moment in European history continues to inspire writers, artists and historians to revisit the life of the man, hoping to figure out who he was and capture the true nature of his character.

But the modern-day legacy of the former British prime minister and wartime hero is not always received with such celebration.

Critics have long explored Churchill’s not-so-fine hours, many of which are expunged from more romanticized depictions.

Similarly, "Churchill: The Greatest Briton Unmasked," written by historian Nigel Knight, was an attempt to directly challenge the sentimental image of Britain’s wartime hero, assessing his tenure as prime minister as disastrous for the U.K.

Recently in the U.K., a renewed interest in Churchill’s alleged infidelity, while married to longtime wife Clemmie, has spouted numerous articles and the documentary airing this month on British television called"Churchill’s Secret Affair."

In 2016, when Churchill’s portrait was to appear on the £5 note across the country, many wrote to express their outrage over such an endorsement for a man whose legacy is tainted by scandal and controversy.

His stamp on Britain's history, during its darkest and most defining days of the Second World War, is likely why many of his private and political controversies have been absent from the popular narratives about his life.