10-Year-Old Girl Moved Birthday Party to Nursing Home So Her Grandmother Wouldn't Miss It

Ellie Boshers said she and her grandmother, Rita, have a special friendship.

— -- When Ellie Boshers' grandmother couldn't make her 10th birthday party, her mother came up with an ingenious way to include her.

"With her being a December baby ... we've always made her birthday parties a big deal," Kimber Bosher recalled. "And as the party got closer and closer, she just got really upset one day and started crying.

"Ellie said, 'I just decided if Granny can't come to my party, I just don't want to have it,'" the mother of two told ABC News.

Ellie Boshers added that she really wanted her grandmother to be there because they've "always been really close."

"It’s just hard to see her having such a hard time and I was just scared that something might happen and this might be one of the last events," the fourth grader said.

Since as far Ellie Bosher can remember the two have celebrated her birthday together. On her fifth birthday, they ate a special dinner. On her sixth birthday, they saw "The Nutcracker." In fact, Blankenship was there when Ellie was born to cut her umbilical cord.

Still, wanting to mark her eldest child's milestone birthday, Kimber Bosher called the nursing home where Blankenship was recovering from a spinal surgery to see if they could move the party there.

The nursing home agreed and the family decided to surprise Blankenship with the news.

The Boshers said the "Alice in Wonderland"-themed party was a hit. The best part? Surprising Blakenship.

"I loved it. It was so much fun. My favorite part was pretty much seeing the look on Granny’s face," Ellie Bosher said.

Kimber Bosher said she's not surprised that her thoughtful daughter didn't forget about her mother.

"They have always had a very special relationship, which I had with my grandmother too. We have some good women in our family," she said.

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