10-Year-Old Motivational Speaker Delivers Powerful Messages to Kids and Adults Alike

Nyeeam Hudson is a motivational speaker with a book on the way.

ByABC News
August 8, 2016, 3:16 PM

— -- Nyeeam Hudson is wise beyond his years.

In addition to his time spent playing with Ninja Turtles and video games, the 10-year-old boy from New Jersey is also a motivational speaker, delivering inspiring messages that reach international audiences.

Hudson's Instagram, where he is known as King Nahh, currently has more than 73,000 followers, and features videos of the young boy speaking about the power of positivity, self-esteem and confidence.

In a recent video that's gone viral, Hudson reacts to being teased on the playground for wearing a particular brand of sneakers.

"I told the kid, 'It's not about what I have on my feet, it's about what I have inside my head,'" Hudson says in the video.

He goes on to urge parents not to raise their children to be materialistic.

"Of course, they didn't listen and I got laughed out of the park," Hudson, who is also the youth advocate director for the FP YouthOutcry Foundation / The H.U.B.B. Community Empowerment Center in Newark, told ABC News of the bullies on the playground. "But one day they'll understand."

Though those kids may not have listened, adults and children around the world are. The video currently has more than 33,400 views, and has garnered attention across the internet and the world.

"When I look at certain communities and certain people, they’re sad and they don’t have the motivation to get through their day," Hudson explained to ABC News. "So I thought, seeing these people sad, all they need is that one person to inspire them and motivate them. I became a motivational speaker to help the people that are struggling."

"My speeches are not just for one perspective, they're for people all around the world," he added.

Recently, Hudson traveled to Dubai, Tanzania and Mexico with his father to spread his message.

Now, in addition to his motivational speaking, Hudson is working on a book, "We Are All Kings," which will seek to empower young boys like himself. He plans to follow it up with "We are All Queens, Too!" for young girls.

And that's not all. When asked what he'd like to do when he grows up, Hudson told ABC News that, in addition to continuing his work as a motivational speaker, he would like to build his very own library to house all of his books.