11 Frustrating Things About Hotels (That We Totally Hate)

Here's what people hate most.

— -- intro: Collectively, all of us over here at Oyster.com have been handed thousands of room keys, rested our heads on too many pillows to count, and fiddled with our fair share of uncooperative remotes, light switches, and internet connections. And maybe we've just woken up on the wrong side of the bed, but after spending so much time in hotels, we've found that there are a few things about them that really, really frustrate us.

Here are 11 things we've found at some hotels that often make us lose our cool. (Fortunately, for every little thing we hate about hotels, there's something we really love, too.)

quicklist: 2title: 2. No Conditioner in the Bathroomstext: During our travels we've noticed that there's a particular toiletry who never seems to be invited to the party, and we don't understand why. Sometimes there will be an army of bathroom accoutrements, but good old basic conditioner is nowhere in sight. Surely conditioner is more necessary than say, a personal shoe shining kit or four different types of soap, right? And just FYI: that "conditioning shampoo" you are trying to get away with is nowhere near as effective as the real thing. media: 27962188

quicklist: 3title: 3. Bathrooms with Bad Lightingtext: Speaking of bathroom woes, while we stare into the mirror with our unconditioned hair in knots, we can't help but add another gripe to the list of powder room pains: bad lighting. While it may look snazzy, funky ceiling lighting can create awful shadows on your face, and it's not so helpful for ladies when they're trying to put makeup on, or gentlemen looking to shave. In fact, we find that bathrooms can be some of the most poorly or dimly lit areas of hotels (aside from maybe the hallways). This is a flaw that we find over and over again, inside all types and categories of hotels.

quicklist: 8title: 8. No Clocks in the Roomtext: It's a pretty well-known fact that Vegas likes to play with gambling tourists' sense of time. One of the ways hotels there do this is by shunning clocks almost everywhere; at any given time, its hard to know exactly what time it actually is. But at least in Vegas, maybe you do want to lose a sense of time -- just not your money at the slots! In almost any other situation, though, it can be a real hassle when your hotel room doesn't have a clock. For every time we've been late for an important meeting, missed a bus or plane, or just been lost in a jet lag-infused time warp thanks to a hotel that couldn't bother to give us a clock, we just want to hit the snooze button, indefinitely, on returning to the property.

quicklist: 10title: 10. Those Paper-Thin Window Covers (Especially White Ones)text: It's no secret that everyone loves a good blackout curtain, so why do some hotels do the complete opposite? A big pet peeve of ours is when hotels cover their windows with a practically transparent (and usually white) fabric, causing us to rise and shine as soon as the sun's rays filter through -- whether we want to or not. It's enough to make us want to take these thin, flimsy window dressings and stick them where the sun don't shine.

quicklist: 11title: 11. When a Suite Isn't Actually a Suitetext: This term has been used and abused for so long that no one seems to know its true meaning anymore. A bonafide suite refers to hotel accommodations that include both a bedroom and a separate area. As in, legitimate spaces divied by a wall. Unfortunately, most hotels boasting suites are actually just tarting up descriptives for what would normally pass as a junior suite -- or really, just a larger-than-standard room. Always be sure to ask a hotel about the suites; it's not uncommon for people to shell out extra dough for "suites" that have nearly identical layouts to less expensive, lower category rooms. media: 27962237