11-month-old baby takes first steps to mother’s delight

Quasheqa Bell cheered on her daughter Jisele in this now viral moment.

— -- One baby's very first steps were caught on video.

Quasheqa Bell, of Williston, South Carolina, told ABC News she noticed her daughter, Jisele, standing up, then sitting back down repeatedly.

Hoping to encourage her daughter to take her first steps before her first birthday, Bell, 24, said she told her, "Come here! No, come standing up." And miraculously, her 11-month-old daughter obliged ... for the very first time two weeks ago.

"I was extremely proud because I wasn’t expecting it," Bell said. "She was excited too."

An Oct. 13 video of baby Jisele taking her first wobbly steps went viral on Instagram with 63,000 views.