Adopted Boy and Grandpa Form Special Bond Over Missing Right Hands

A photo of the boy meeting his new grandfather is going viral.

— -- A photo of a recently adopted child meeting his new grandfather is going viral for the sweetest reason.

When the Faceys were finally able to bring Kirill home to Paradise this September, Kirill came face-to-face with Doug's father, Chris Facey -- who coincidentally was also born missing his right hand.

Before meeting Chris, the young boy had never met someone who looked like him, and luckily, someone was there to capture a photo of the touching moment when the new grandson and grandfather were able to meet.

Kirill's father, Doug, told ABC News about the touching encounter between his son and his father, as well as how adopting Kirill has positively impacted his family's life.

"I was excited when Kirill met my Dad," Doug said. "I knew it would be a great thing for him because Kirill would realize he was not the only person in the world missing a hand.

Doug, 40, called the photo "powerful," and explained why the picture of Kirill and Chris meeting for the first time is so meaningful to him.

"It shows Kirill discovering he has someone to bond with and emulate," Doug said. "My Dad's reaction was one of excitement as well because he could show [and] teach Kirill that the sky is the limit and he can do whatever he wants."

Doug said that Kirill and Chris have formed a special bond, and even have a unique way of greeting each other when they get to hang out.

"They do the 'stump bump' every time they see each other as their way of shaking hands," Doug said. "Both constantly ask about the other. They talk on the phone and see each other as often as they can."

Doug said adopting Kirill has changed his family's lives for the better, and they are beyond happy to "have a little boy to love, cherish and educate."

The proud father said that Kirill is "smart, loving and curious," and enjoys reading and playing with his toys, and is getting excited to celebrate his first Christmas ever.

"What I'm most proud of is that Kirill can now be a kid," Doug said. "He doesn't have to worry about love, someone caring for him, a place to sleep, clothes or anything. He just has to be a kid."