Adorable Rescued Kitten Looks Like She's Always Smiling

She's named "Rey," after Star Wars' latest leading lady.

— -- Step aside, Grumpy Cat! Rey the "teeny tiny smiley" kitten is the new cool one in town.

This 5-month-old feline from Salt Lake City, Utah, is charming thousands of users on Instagram with her upturned eyes and mouth that make her look like she's "always smiling," according to her owners, Jenni Colborn and her husband Aaron Colborn.

"A lot of my friends, family, neighbors and coworkers are just obsessed with Rey and her smile," Jenni, 27, told ABC News today "We like to think she's the anti-Grumpy Cat, his self-proclaimed arch nemesis."

Jenni said she adopted "teeny tiny smiley Rey" from an animal shelter near her workplace last November when she "stopped by after having a bad day." The shelter told Jenni that the kitten had been rescued as a stray found in an alleyway, she said.

The little cat "was just smiling at me and she crawled up to my lap, and I was like, 'Welp! I guess we're going to have a third cat now!" Jenni laughed. She added that she allowed Aaron, 37, to name the kitten to "keep him from being super mad I just brought home another cat."

Aaron, who's "an out-of control, big Star Wars fan," named the smiley kitten Rey in honor of Star Wars' latest leading lady, Jenni said. Rey even has a mini BB-8 droid toy she loves playing with, she added.

Jenni said her smiling kitten is "super playful," loves cuddling and is quite "mischievous."

"We made cookies one Sunday night, and I put it on the counter and wrapped in foil, but come Monday morning, she's sitting in the living room with like, 'Hey mom! Look I was I did! Look what I found!" Jenni said. "She's definitely the queen of our house."

Rey is also "a camera ham," Jenni said, explaining that Rey loves "sitting and posing" for her husband Aaron, who's a professional photographer.

"She just knows how cute she is," Jenni said, adding that the cat has a "fan club," including a friend who encouraged the couple to set up an Instagram account for Rey.

Rey's Instagram account, which has over 2,500 followers, is filled with the cat's mischief and her irresistible smile, which Jenni hopes makes others smile as well.