Antonio Sabato Jr.'s Top Tips for Adding Color in Your Home

“Fix It and Finish It” host Antonio Sabato Jr. shares home decor color tips.

Below is some extra home decor advice from the actor.

Antonio’s Top 3 Tips for Adding Color and Style

Tip 1: Choose the right shade. Red stimulates the appetite, so it works well in kitchens or dining rooms. Blue is tranquil, so it works well in bedrooms. Yellow is bright and cheery, and green works well in living rooms.

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Tip 2: Choose the right tool. Rollers work best for large flat surfaces, while brushes are excellent for corners, small spaces and molding.

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Tip 3: Add pops of color. White is crisp and clean and works well in kitchens, but to add sparkle try replacing your cabinet hardware with a colorful alternative. You can also add cheery artwork to plain walls for a burst of brightness.

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