New app dubbed 'Tinder for Moms' aims to help mothers connect

The app's co-founder talked about the venture on "GMA."

June 28, 2017, 9:37 AM

— -- Many moms find that making new friends later in life can be just as challenging as dating.

A new app called Peanut was created to help connect like-minded mothers and give them the opportunity to form new friendships.

Michelle Kennedy, co-founder and CEO of Peanut, says she was inspired to start the app after feeling lonely as a new mom.

"It was 2 a.m., I was scrolling through Instagram looking at my girlfriends in the club and I just felt I needed to speak to another woman who was doing the same thing as me,” Kennedy told "Good Morning America."

Similar to many dating apps, moms can sign up on Peanut through Facebook and create a profile. Moms can include how many children they have and can choose from different phrases like “mom boss,” “geek chic" or “wine time” to describe themselves.

The app uses an algorithm to match moms with similar interests. Users can then swipe up to give other moms a “wave” to spark a conversation and say hello. When another mom waves back, the app highlights their shared interests.

Peanut says more than 1 million "waves" have been exchanged since February.

Mothers can also create group chats in the app to start larger conversations and create meetups.

Lindsay Donnelly, Jamie Kolnick and Jessica Flowman, three moms who live in New York City, said they've become good friends through the app.

“It was great opportunity to meet people down the street and be like ‘Let’s go to the park,’ and ‘Are you ready in 5 minutes? Let’s meet in 5 minutes.’ It’s easy that way,” Kolnick said.

They say the app has helped them build a much-needed support system.

"Becoming a mom definitely changes you and having friends who can understand your circumstances, and support you in this new lifestyle that you're living [is critical]," Donnelly said. "I think both Jess and Jamie have helped me to be a support system in the new time frame and I've learned from them I've enjoyed spending time with them. It's been a blast."

Erica Souter, editor of, told "GMA" the app helps alleviate two of the biggest pitfalls of new motherhood: loneliness and isolation.

"It's really great to find other moms you can connect with, be honest with, share your ups and downs with and moms tell us that connection goes a long way to making them feel happy and more complete. And it makes them a better parent," she said.

Souter also suggests that new moms meet up in a public place like a park, playground or restaurant at first. She added that mothers can also join church groups or volunteer to meet like-minded parents.

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