Artist's Stellar Rendition of van Gogh's 'Starry Night' on Water

Turkish artist Garip Ay transforms water into Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece.

— -- Oil and water may not mix, but they do make for great art in the right hands.

His whimsical technique is known as Ebru art, or marbling, a traditional Turkish art form that is, in short, "the practice of applying paint to the surface of thickened water and creating patterns and images by manipulating the paint," Ay told ABC News.

"The creation of my 'Starry Night'/'self-portrait' took about 20 minutes to create," he explained. "The water, in addition to being thickened by carrageenan powder, was colored black for this project. It is one of the more complicated projects I have worked on, to be sure."

As if Ay’s beautiful recreation of “The Starry Night” isn’t magical enough to watch, he then immediately smears it away to begin working on another intricate pattern, one of van Gogh’s self-portraits.

Take a look at his elaborate creations.