Australian Man Pays It Forward to Inspire Holiday 'Chain Reaction'

Drew Brauer recalled giving his extra cash to the person behind him in line.

— -- While finishing his Christmas shopping a Cairns, Australia man randomly paid it forward, giving his extra cash to the next person in line checking out, saying he hoped the move would start a holiday "chain reaction."

Drew Brauer was buying presents for his extended family last week inside Toyworld when the idea to give back struck him.

"I got to the counter to pay for my stuff and there was a lady behind me with a few kids waiting to pay," the 28-year-old musician told ABC News. "And as the cashier was taking my money, I just gave him the extra money and told him to give it to whomever was next in line."

Brauer said he only gave away about $20, but his random recipient still seemed excited by the small holiday miracle.

"She looked really shocked," he said. "She actually looked like she was about to cry, which was touching."

When Brauer shared the story on Facebook he noted that her reaction almost made him tear up, too.

"But for the record I didn't," he quipped.

Brauer said although his action was small, he hoped it would inspire others to give back in a variety of ways this holiday season.

"There's so much negative that you see in your life every day, whether it's on the news or on Facebook or whatever," he said. "But I just think doing more things like this maybe will start a chain reaction. It's got to help."