More Babies Being Named for Political Figures this Election Season

Parents could be casting their votes in the form of baby names.

Based on more than 115,000 baby names registered with the center, analysts were able to determine that a sense of patriotism is influencing many parents as they name their newborns. Political power-couple the Clintons seem to be the biggest source of inspiration: the name Hillary rose 142 percent since this time last year and Bill is up 113 percent. Chelsea and Charlotte have also increased in popularity, 18 and 17 percent respectively.

The Trump family names are also experiencing a surge, though not as significant as the Clintons'. Donald has increased nearly eight percent since last year, Melania has jumped 36 percent, and Ivanka four percent.

But, Murray added that this is not necessarily typical, noting that the names Barack and Mitt didn’t experience nearly the same jump four years ago.

“We think there are two things going on here that are benefiting these names,” she said. “One is that people are feeling especially passionate about this election, and the other is that these are strong, classic names.”

As for the disparity, Murray believes only time will tell what that indicates.

Patriotic names don’t stop at the election, either. Broadway sensation "Hamilton" has also inspired parents, with the name growing 60 percent since this time last year.

“The Broadway show’s multi-ethnic, cross-culture story speaks to millennial parents. Hamilton is the new Lincoln or Madison,” Murray said.

However this election season ends, Murray said she expects the number of little Hillarys and Donalds to decline again after November, once political realities set in.

Until then, it seems parents will continue casting their votes and expressing their patriotism in the maternity ward.