Baby celebrates 1st birthday with 'creepy' Halloween cake smash

Sydney’s favorite part? “The bloody hand,” said her mom.

— -- Little Sydney Wisniewski from South Bend, Indiana, had a haunted Halloween cake smash for her first birthday.

Her parents, Jason and Kelly Wisniewski, wanted a “creepy and edgy” celebration.

“When we found out she was an October baby we knew right away we wanted Halloween photos,” mom Kelly Wisniewski told ABC News. “She’s cute all on her own, so we wanted to have it not be super cutesy, but also a little creepy and edgy.”

They chose to use red velvet cake because it not only looks gory but also was the flavor of their wedding cake.

“A lot of the things we incorporate with our children are things from our relationship in the past,” said Jason Wisniewski. “It looks bloody, but it also has a little hidden meaning for us.”

Sydney was “dainty” with the icing at first but eventually “went to town getting into the cake,” he added.

Sydney’s favorite part? “The bloody hand,” said her mom.

Sydney’s parents can already tell she’s going to be their child that is “totally into Halloween,” compared to their 5-year-old son, Dexter.

“Her grandma was like, ‘Oh, let’s have her be a fairy or a princess for Halloween, and we’re going to make her a dragon,” Kelly Wisniewski said with a laugh. “She likes ‘Frozen’ and those movies, but when we’re watching things like ‘Game of Thrones,’ she gets up and starts dancing and gets so excited. When the swords are clanging she just laughs.”

Sydney’s actual birthday is Oct. 19 but she celebrated with a Lisa Frank-themed birthday party a few days early.