Baby's Mind is Completely Blown Learning About the Miracle of Life

"Brain Games" host Jason Silva chats about the wonders of life with a baby girl.

— -- The miracle of life is incredible. It’ll blow your mind. But imagine explaining that to a baby.

That’s exactly what Jason Silva, the Emmy-nominated host of National Geographic Channel's “Brain Games,” did on Sept. 1 to this tiny baby girl whose mind is completely blown hearing about all of life’s complexities.

“Somehow, like literally, a piece of software melded together, fused, and then it started to turn itself into like a living, breathing, like a steak with a brain,” Silva explains to the perplexed baby in the adorable YouTube video. “You’re like a piece of meat that grew up inside your mother. You’re like a wetware android, and now, you’re grasping all this amazing information as you map and model the world.”

“You’re growing, you’re learning, you’re expanding, you’re slowing emerging as a thinking being,” he continued. “And it’s like ‘Oh my god,’ this is what it’s like to be a mind. I mean you’re transcendent. You’re transcendent. But you’re also made of flesh so it’s like holding you.”

Apparently, this entire super casual conversation began while Silva was hanging out at his friend’s house, having their “usual mind-jam,” when the precious little girl, nicknamed Laniakea, which means immeasurable heaven, awoke from her nap.

The video now has more than 21 million views and nearly 237,000 shares on Facebook.