Baby's First Reaction to Avocados Is Priceless

Seven-month-old Autumn is not a fan.

— -- It’s safe to say that seven-month-old Autumn is not a fan of avocados.

The adorable baby tried the fruit for the first time, and her reaction says it all.

“She’ll normally just leave her mouth open if she likes something, even if I’m going into the bowl or getting it she’ll just leave her mouth open,” mom Megan Peoro, 25, told ABC News. “But she didn’t do that with this.”

No, she definitely didn’t – instead, Autumn clamped her mouth shut and refused to let her mom and dad Victor, 28, from Pennsylvania, spoon any more of the mashed avocado into her mouth.

“It was funny for us, because normally she really likes anything we give to her,” Peoro explained. “This was the first food she had a reaction to that she just didn’t like it.”

Despite being a fan of peas, green beans and other green foods, avocado was Autumn’s limit.

Check out her hilarious reaction in the video above.