Japanese Restaurant Offers Discount to Bald Men

Leave your hairpiece at home when visiting Tokyo’s new restaurant.

May 15, 2014— -- Leave your hairpiece at home when visiting Tokyo’s new restaurant Otasuke. Otasuke, which roughly translates to “helping hands”, is trying to honor the demographic of the hardworking, middle-aged man, by offering a discount to any male customer with a receding hairline, or a completely bald head. The restaurant features casual pub fare that would most appeal to middle-aged men like chicken skewers for low prices.

"Baldness is a very delicate issue in Japan, but in Hollywood there are a number of stars who completely ignore their hairless state and proudly carry out their work," owner Yoshiko Toyoda told Reuters . "I thought it would be nice to foster that spirit here."

Each bald customer gets a 500 yen ($4.92 US) discount, with increased discounts for more than one balding customer in your party. And if five bald guys go out together, one will drink for free. The restaurant’s walls also feature bald trivia, like “which nation has the highest rate of baldness?” (In case you were wondering, the answer is the Czech Republic).

Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi