These Beautiful Baby Names May Soon Be No More

Parents are saying no to Nanette.

ByABC News
March 17, 2015, 1:43 PM

— -- Parents are saying no, no, no to Nanette.

That's according to baby naming web site Nameberry, who has published a list of names "on the verge of extinction."

Other female names about to go the way of the dinosaur? Claudine, Sheba and Sondra, among others.

Nanette peaked in 1956, according to the site. Claudine, the female version of the ancient Roman name Claudius, peaked in 1970 and fell off the charts in 1975.

"Claudine along with most other once-popular –ine and –een-ending girls’ names are now out of favor," according to Nameberry.

As for Sondra, it's demise has to do with Hurricane Sandy. It "took a lot of wind out of all forms of this name, given to only five girls in 2013."

As for boys' names, did you know the name Elmo didn't originate with the furry red monster? It is the short form of Guglielmo, the Italian form of William, said Nameberry. It disappeared around the 1950s. And where's Waldo? Almost nowhere, it seems. The name was given to just five boys last year, according to Nameberry. It was most popular in 1881, when it ranked 347.

Also given to only five babies last year: Sherwood. "The stiff surname Sherwood, which does have the distinguished namesake of influential novelist Sherwood Anderson, managed to make it onto the list from 1897 to 1963, peaking at Number 533 in 1938, Anderson’s heyday."

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