Beloved Cat Fired from His Job at a Local Public Library

Brewster the cat, who has lived there for 6 years, is scheduled to be evicted.

June 28, 2016, 5:28 PM
PHOTO:  Browser has been the mascot for the White Settlement Public Library for six years.
Browser has been the mascot for the White Settlement Public Library for six years.
White Settlement Public Library

— -- The town politics in a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas are getting catty.

Browser, the beloved cat that has been a fixture of the local library for six years, recently lost his job. On June 14, the city council voted to remove the cat from the public library and now he has 30 days to find a new home.

The White Settlement Public Library adopted their furry friend in October 2010 from a local animal shelter, according to their website. Mayor of White Settlement, Ron White, said that the cat was originally adopted to help with a rodent problem, a common tactic used in libraries. Despite this, Browser has become more than just a protector of books, “Browser has become our library’s mascot,” the site reads. The cat is even the face of their annual calendar, which is sold as a fundraiser.

A photo posted by White Settlement Library (@wslibrary) on May 2, 2016 at 10:30am PDT

The small town has reportedly managed to obtain over 800 signatures on a petition to keep Browser in the library. White said he expects that number to exceed 1,000 by the time the next meeting comes around.

“I think it was a suspicious motion to begin with, and I don’t have a good answer for it but I don’t support it,” he said. “I think Browser should stay right where he is.”

White Settlement Public Library and Councilmen Elzie Clements did not respond to requests for comment.