Who's the Best Dog In the World? This Smart Pup

Amelia, a Brittany Spaniel, is 5-years-old

ByABC News
September 16, 2014, 12:01 PM

— -- A 5-year-old dog from Alabama has put an end to every dog owner saying their dog is the best by simply raising her paw to say that she is, in fact, the best dog in the world.

Amelia, a Brittany Spaniel, who lives with her owners, Eric and Mallory Anderton, in Birmingham, Ala., was having a lazy Sunday morning in bed last weekend when the Andertons decided to film her doing one of their favorite tricks.

As they lay in bed, Eric Anderton asks Amelia, “Who’s the best dog in the world?.” Without hesitation, Amelia’s paw goes up.

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While that move has made Amelia a viral star – the YouTube video posted by Anderton Monday already has nearly 300,000 views – it turns out she did have a little help from her loving, and proud, owners.

“If you lift her leg lightly under her arm she starts to outstretch her paw,” Anderton told ABC News by email, adding that his wife, Mallory, is the one laying under Amelia outside of the video’s frame.

“We have been asking her random questions for years that could involve an answer of ‘Me!,’” he said. “It always makes for great humor for me and my wife.”

While the Andertons love to pull, or lift, Amelia’s leg, she is not the only pup in their house.

When asked if there was anything else he wanted to include about his star dog, Amelia, Anderton had only one request.

“Just also make sure my other little pup, Ollie, doesn't hear about all the attention Amelia is getting,” Anderton wrote. “He might not appreciate it too much.”