The Best Quotes From Beyonce's Favorite Book

Queen Bey told her fans to read "What Will It Take To Make a Woman President?"

— -- Beyonce may be busy preparing for her upcoming world tour, but she also has time to read books. In fact, in a rare interview with Garage magazine, Queen Bey gave advice on the one book her fans should be reading.

"I would love for my younger fans to read 'What Will It Take to Make a Woman President?' by Marianne Schnall," she revealed.

So what's the book, which was released in 2013, about?

"It's a collection of interviews and essays by great women, including Maya Angelou, Gloria Steinem and Melissa Etheridge. They will inspire you to become a better leader," Beyonce said.

Here are the best quotes from Beyonce's favorite book, which centers on women empowerment and leadership.

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