Blind Pit Bull Abandoned on Park Bench Gets Second Chance

Poly was so scared she didn't want to leave her bench.

— -- A 3-year-old blind pit bull found abandoned on a park bench has a second chance at a loving home.

Poly was found in a park in Santa Maria, California, by a Santa Barbara rescue on Oct. 14. She got the attention of Jennifer Wales, the president and founder of Foreverhome Pet Rescue, when Poly popped up in Wales' Facebook feed.

"I immediately called the rescue and they told me they needed a rescue commitment. I've been rescuing dogs for 25 years and she [Poly] reminded me so much of another dog that changed my life, who was also a blind pit bull," Wales said.

Poly had just been taken to the park and left on the bench, a situation that Wales said "is not unusual" in the neighborhood where she was found. To make matters worse, she had just given birth.

Foreverhome Pet Rescue immediately placed Poly in a foster home, where she is thriving. "She's so sweet and loving."

It's unknown what happened to Poly's puppies, though Wales said they were likely sold. She said that anyone in the Santa Maria area with a pitbull under 3 months old should have them checked for the heart condition that Poly may have and that it may be reversible if diagnosed early enough.

Poly's journey is being documented on her Facebook page, Poly Blind Pibble. She may need a very expensive heart surgery and donations are being collected from the public. Wales said any extra money will be "distributed to small nonprofits that have dogs that need expensive diagnostics with specialists."

For now, Poly continues to thrive. She is not available for adoption until her medical needs are fully understood, Wales said. "We have to make sure it's the right fit, that she'll be taken care of and happy."