Why One Blogger Mom Says Parents Should Become More 'Average'

Ilana Wiles of the blog, "Mommy Shorts," discuss her new book on "GMA."

— -- One mom is advocating for a laid back approach to parenting, calling out “free-range” and “helicopter” parents and suggesting that moms and dads drop the labels and embrace being average.

Blogger Ilana Wiles stopped by "Good Morning America" today to discuss her new book, "The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting" and shared her tips for letting go.

"I think there's so much pressure to be a perfect parent today that a lot of moms actually feel like bad parents, so I think embracing remarkably average is actually inspirational," said Wiles. "You know, you see all these pictures of perfect parenting on Instagram and things like that and those people are just good photographers and good art directors--they're not necessarily having a different experience than anybody else."

She added: "I do it, I post perfect pictures."

Wiles suggests having low expectations and a selective memory, meaning taking the positive out of every parenting situation.

"I took my kids to the amusement park and we had a fabulous time the whole day and at the end, my oldest daughter flipped out because we were leaving," Wiles said. "She had a total meltdown and I can choose to remember that day as the meltdown that happened at the end or I can remember her beautiful smile when we were on the roller coaster for the first time and everything was great. It's kind of up to me what I take away from that day."

"The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting" is out now.