Little Boy Brought to Tears When Sister Surprises Him With Pet Hamster

“They absolutely love each other,” said their mom, Rachel Stout.

— -- It’s not every day that you find siblings who are this sweet to each other, but that’s probably why this heartwarming video of a little sister surprising her big brother with a pet hamster is going so incredibly viral.

“They absolutely love each other,” their mom, Rachel Stout, told ABC News of her adorable kids.

Ever since little Abigail Stout got a hamster for her 6th birthday on Feb. 4, her big brother Daniel was so determined to get one of his own that he went above and beyond his regular household chores to prove to his parents he deserved one, too.

“I always give them their gift from mommy and daddy on their actual birthday before their party,” Rachel explained of Abigail’s new animal. “But Daniel, once he saw it, he absolutely loved it.”

His parents told him he could save up the money to buy another hamster, but they weren’t going to pay him for chores he’s already expected to do.

“He really went above and beyond,” said Rachel. “He was scrubbing the bathroom floor and even cleaning out the garage.”

Daniel’s little sister could see how hard he was working and decided to give him the surprise of a lifetime using her birthday money she’s gotten as gifts.

“We added up Abigail's birthday money and gift cards and she had $55 total,” Rachel wrote on the kindhearted Facebook video. “I asked her what she wanted to do with her money and she says, ‘I want to surprise Daniel and buy him his hamster. He has been working soooo hard.’ I asked her numerous times of she was sure that's what she wanted to do with her money and she never faltered.”

Abigail waited until Daniel, 9, was having a sleepover at a friend’s house. She and her mom then sneaked out to the pet store to pick out the perfect new addition to the family.

“She asked for the exact hamster Daniel said he wanted, held it to make sure it was nice and excitedly told the woman all about how she was surprising her brother,” Rachel wrote.

When Daniel returned home, Abigail was bubbling over with excitement to present him with his new pet. Rachel captured the tender moment on camera to show her husband, Dan, the video once he got home from work.

The video now has more than 1 million views and has captured the hearts of the Internet.

“It’s been pretty crazy,” Rachel said. “People have written to me telling me they’ve been dealing with really difficult things lately and this was the only thing that’s put a smile on their face. That’s awful that they’re going through hard times, but I’m glad my kids made them happy.”