Bride Obsessed With 'Star Wars' Throws Theme Wedding With Touches From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Most references were so subtle they might be hard to spot.

But this wasn’t some over-the-top gathering of Star Wars nerds. Landa managed to incorporate her passion into her wedding in a way that kept it from turning gimmick-y. Some of the touches were so subtle, someone who's not a fan might not even notice.

Others, though, not so much.

Her husband, she said, is not as “hard-core” as she. Landa, after all, is an actor with a YouTube channel dedicated to taking about Star Wars news and making Star Wars crafts.

But her husband is still a fan. She actually knew he was the one, she said, when he gave her his collection of Star wars vintage action figures.

He was OK with the theme, but her mom was a little nervous, Landa said.

“She’s very traditional," she said, "so we also had traditional elements.”

Landa said since not everyone knows much about Star Wars, she wanted the elements to be little surprises.

“We had terrariums with little Ewoks inside,” she said. “People really liked it.”

When asked what she would do to further celebrate her fandom, Landa revealed she is pregnant and planning to decorate her daughter’s nursery with a similarly subtle Star Wars theme.

“Oh, and I’m also having a costume made for her,” she said. “But it’s not like I’m going to name her Leia or anything.”