Bride Tracks Down Wedding Crashers, Receives Apology

After posting photos of uninvited guests to social media, newlyweds get answers.

ByABC News
April 25, 2014, 12:47 PM

April 25, 2014— -- Their wedding cake was served three months ago, but a Pennsylvania couple only recently received just deserts after their nuptials were crashed by a bold twosome.

When Krista Lamlin and Andrew Reilly realized there were two uninvited guests at their reception in Valley Forge, Pa., this January, at first they found the incident amusing. But when the two brazen crashers appeared in wedding photos and a video months later, the newlyweds decided to make the images public and track down the couple.

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"I had first noticed that they were sitting at a table with my cousins, and I had done my own seating arrangement so I knew who was supposed to be seated where," Lamlin told ABC News. "So I asked around just to make sure they weren't a family member that I hadn't met."

They weren't.

The couple had invited 120 guests to their wedding at the Valley Forge Casino and Radisson Hotel, but it seemed everyone had noticed the two strangers enjoying themselves on the dance floor and at the bar. While Lamlin wasn't initially upset, the hotel had the crashers removed, she said, because they were eating and drinking when the couple hadn't paid for them.

"It was pretty comical at first," she said. "We were OK with it until we saw the wedding pictures and video later and realized that they were all over the media."

In addition to the frustration of having so many unwanted images of strangers, the now married couple also wanted to know why the intruders had been there at all.

"My mom got the idea to post their picture to the Action News Facebook page to find out who they were and why they did it," she said. "We wanted to know if there was malicious intent or if they just wanted to party. Why'd they do it?"

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The crashers soon responded and issued an apology to the couple, saying that they had also been staying at the resort where the reception was held and simply saw a good party that they wanted to join.

"I didn't ever want to get them in trouble," said Lamlin. "I apologized to them for calling them out, but I did want to get the message out there that it wasn't OK to do."

The crashers offered to give the couple a belated wedding gift, but Lamlin told ABC News she declined. She said she has made peace with the situation.

But she did share a pearl of wisdom for other brides to be:

"Just be aware of who is on your dance floor," said Lamlin. "Had these people just hung out in the background, I probably wouldn't have noticed them."