California Mom Knows Daughter and Her Tantrums All Too Well

Mom knows her daughter and her tantrums all too well.

— -- It would appear this isn't the first time 4-year-old Dani Aprea has had a tantrum.

Judging from her mom's uncanny ability to mimic the tantrum's shrieks as they take place in perfect time, Aprea has seen this act before.

Because, you know, she's 4.

"I got lucky with the timing," Jennifer Aprea told ABC News. "It was a night when we were both tired and sleep deprived, I told her to brush her teeth and she was yelling about a scratch that wasn't even there."

Dani "wasn't even listening, at that point," said Aprea. "I started picking up the rhythm of what she was doing. It was like an auto-play of a tantrum."

At one point, Aprea said, her 4-year-old told her, "You're gonna pay for this!"

So what's the next viral sensation?

"I don't know." Aprea said. "I guess it'll just have to happen naturally."