California Strangers Repair Elderly Man's Roof After Neighbor’s Heartwarming Facebook Plea

Men and women from across the state selflessly volunteered their time.

— -- An elderly man's once-rickety roof is now ship-shape -- all thanks to his neighbor's Facebook post, which successfully convinced strangers to selflessly lend a hand with the repairs.

"I didn't know what to expect," David Perez, of Fremont, California, told ABC News. "Just knowing how many times people shared it, it was very surprising how far it reached. The ones who took their time to come out and help a stranger was very nice.

"It was very uplifting to see that."

Perez said it was earlier last week when he began witnessing his neighbor, Richard Dubiel, 75, attempting to patch up his roof all by himself.

"It had been an ongoing thing seeing him up there after work or on the weekends," Perez said. "Sometimes he'd have a friend with him. Seeing his age, I just felt that he shouldn't be doing this by himself -- for safety reasons and I just felt sorry for him.

"That's when I decided to reach out on social media to see what kind of response I'd get."

On August 24, Perez wrote a Facebook post, pleading for strangers to help mend Dubiel's roof.