Canine Commuter Raises Eyebrows on Seattle Bus

Eclipse the dog sometimes gets impatient waiting to be accompanied to dog park.

— -- Passengers on board a Seattle bus were surprised when a furry commuter named Eclipse started to get on board -- by herself.

The black Labrador has delighted passengers by sometimes showing up to ride the bus on her own to a Seattle dog park, according to ABC News affiliate KOMO-TV in Seattle.

Eclipse's owner, Jeff Young, said that the 2-year-old dog started riding the bus with him to visit the dog park, but eventually she jumped on the bus on her own.

"We went all the time, then sometimes she got on the bus before me because I’m talking or distracted," he said. "I was like 'Oh s***, she got on the bus.'"

Young said he always follows closely behind Eclipse on a later bus for the handful of stops to the dog park and then goes home with her. Young added that Eclipse doesn't mind interacting with other passengers.

"She’s a people person. It wouldn't be able to work out if she's aggressive," said Young. "She seems to make most people’s day. She brings a smile to the situation."