Cardiologists create hilarious heart-healthy memes to celebrate Valentine's Day

Eat your heart out, heart disease.

Nothing will get your heart pumping this Valentine’s Day quite like these Kansas City cardiologists.

The doctors at Saint Luke’s Hospital used hilarious heart-healthy memes to celebrate the romantic day.

“Saint Luke’s is one of the top 20 cardiology and heart surgery programs in the country, which means our cardiologists and surgeons treat the most complex and challenging heart issues every day,” she added.

Their timing is perfect as February is also American Heart Month.

The hospital explained that “heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, killing more than 370,000 Americans every year. It claims the lives of more women each year than deaths from all cancers combined and strikes someone in the U.S. every 42 seconds.”

However, heart disease is largely preventable.

“Recent research suggests that by adopting six simple lifestyle changes you can reduce your risk of heart disease by 95 percent,” according to a hospital spokesperson.

Those lifestyle changes include eating non-processed foods, not smoking, drinking in moderation, maintaining a healthy body weight and being active.

“Our doctors like to tell our patients that sitting is the new smoking – get up and move every 30 minutes even if it is only doing stretches in your office,” Sesler wrote.