Cat Burglar Caught Trying to Steal Cinnamon Roll

Sophia Lindner caught her cat red handed, and the Internet is laughing.

— -- One sugar-loving cat was caught red-pawed trying to sneak a cinnamon roll, and the photos tell the tail of the thieving tabby.

She captioned the photos, shared on Twitter, "merry Christmas here's my cat getting busted for taking a cinnamon roll 2 seconds after we told him no."

The photos have been retweeted more than 140,000 times.

Lindner, a 19-year-old student from Ardmore, Pennsylvania, told ABC News that Percy looked as if he was up to no good when she grabbed her phone to capture the moment.

"My mom had put [the rolls] on this TV table, and I could see him eyeing them from underneath," the University of Pennsylvania freshman recalled. "He knows the word 'no,' and he knows the words 'get down,' so I told him, 'Nooooo,' and he looked at me with that face, because he knows."

Lindner said her sneaky cat sprinted into the next room after getting caught.

Still, she loves him just the same.

"He'll be naughty one day, and the next day I'll wake up, and he's curled up next to me or sleeping with me," she gushed. "It's Christmas. What's the point of getting mad?"