#CheerioChallenge Dares Dads to Stack Cereal on Babies' Heads

Patrick Quinn, co-founder of "Life of Dad," initiated the viral challenge.

— -- Dads across the globe are taking part in the #CheerioChallenge craze that's daring fathers everywhere to place the breakfast cereal on their child's nose, forehead or wherever it'll stack.

Patrick Quinn, co-founder of the "Life of Dad" social network, explained how he came up with the idea for the challenge.

"I put one onto Max's nose and thought it looked funny, so I went for two and then three," Quinn of Southern California told ABC News. "The taller the stack got, the funnier it became and I'd laugh and shake the whole thing down and start again. I finally got five and took the picture, thinking it couldn't be beaten. About a week later I was trying to think of content to add to the 'Life of Dad' social sites and thought, 'If doing the challenge made me laugh, maybe it'll be fun for other parents as well.' So I threw out the challenge to see if I could be beaten. Apparently beating me was easy."

On June 16, Quinn shared a photo of his baby with Cheerios stacked on the tip of his nose on the "Life of Dad" Facebook page. The caption read, "Take the Cheerio stack challenge! How high can you go?"

Soon, the post went "bananas" and dads everywhere were sharing their own #CheerioChallenge attempts, he said.

"I think dads everywhere participated because of the simplicity of it," Quinn said. "Almost all parents have Cheerios in their house, or something similar, and we all want to laugh and have fun. It just shows that no matter what your background, your economic status or your faith, we are all the same in that we just want to stack cereal on our kids' sleeping faces."

Chris Milnes of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England, was one of the dads that shared a photo of his 4-month-old daughter Isabelle.

"I saw it was becoming a bit of a craze and I obviously found it very funny," Milnes wrote to ABC News. "When Isabelle fell asleep and knowing I had Cheerios in the house, I thought it would be a bit of fun in having a go. I think I probably could of stacked more Cheerios on her, but I couldn't stop laughing.

He added: "There are far too many serious issues going off in the world at the minute and I not only wanting to have fun and make myself laugh, I wanted other people to benefit from my fun and also make them laugh. I believe I have achieved this with the massive response I have had. I would like to thank everyone for their kind and positive comments. Let the #cheeriochallenge continue!"

Kids are now turning the tables and stacking Cheerios on their parents' faces.